Review Sony STR-DN840 7.2 Channel, Great AVR in many ways but it kept dropping the ...

A few days before. I'm looking for information on the Sony STR-DN840 7.2 Channel 1050-Watt A/V Receiver (Black), so i would like to describe here.

Sony STR-DN840 7.2 Channel 1050-Watt A/V

Enjoy superior sound while easily steaming music with built-in Wi-Fi Bluetooth AirPlay. With 7.2 channels 165 watts of power driven by the largest capacitors and transformer in its class its legendary Sony sound that really connects. Featuring 4K resolution pass-through and upscaling 10 HD inputs and a redesigned menu system with easy setup wizard this receiver is the ultimate .... Read more or Check Price

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I wish I could give it 5 stars. "AVR great in many ways but it kept dropping the signal tv until I unplugged for about 10 seconds and that solved but I do not know for how long""Grande AVR in molti modi ma ha mantenuto cadere il segnale tv fino a quando ho staccato per circa 10 secondi e che ha risolto ma non so per quanto tempo""""""it""AVR"1truefalse1000010"great"2truefalse999120"in many"3truefalse502240"ways"4truefalse502450""5falsefalse863560"but it kept"6truefalse995690"dropping"7truefalse8809100"the signal"8truefalse87510120"tv"9truefalse99612130"until"10truefalse99013140"I unplugged"11truefalse99014160"for about 10 seconds"12truefalse62316200"and"13truefalse64820210"that solved"14truefalse88021230""15falsefalse88023240"but"16truefalse63824250"I do not know"17truefalse61725290"for how long"18truefalse54129320"AVR"1"AVR"1000truefalse"The AVR"0truefalse"AVR will"0truefalse710"Grande AVR in molti modi ma ha mantenuto cadere il segnale tv fino a quando ho staccato per circa 10 secondi e che ha risolto ma non so per quanto tempo""Grande"2"great"999truefalse"big"0truefalse"large"0truefalse"Grande"0truefalse"largest"0truefalse06"""in molti"3"in many"502truefalse"many"0truefalse"in several"0truefalse"in most"0truefalse"to many"0truefalse1119"""modi"4"ways"502truefalse"modes"0truefalse"way"0truefalse"of ways"0truefalse"ways of"0truefalse2024""""5""863falsefalse2425"""ma ha mantenuto"6"but it kept"995truefalse"but he kept"4truefalse"but it has kept"0truefalse"but maintained"0truefalse"but retained"0truefalse2641"""cadere"7"dropping"880truefalse"falling"0truefalse"fall"0truefalse"drop"0truefalse"to fall"0truefalse4248"""il segnale"8"the signal"875truefalse"signal"0truefalse"signals"0truefalse"a signal"0truefalse4959"""tv"9"tv"996truefalse"television"0truefalse"flat"0truefalse"tv and"0truefalse"a TV"0truefalse6062"""fino a quando"10"until"990truefalse"till"0truefalse"long as"0truefalse"as long as"0truefalse"until you"0truefalse6376"""ho staccato"11"I unplugged"990truefalse"I disconnected"0truefalse"I have detached"0truefalse7788"""per circa 10 secondi"12"for about 10 seconds"623truefalse"for approximately 10 seconds"0truefalse"for 10 seconds"0truefalse"about 10 seconds"0truefalse89109"""e"13"and"648truefalse110111"""che ha risolto"14"that solved"880truefalse"that resolved"72truefalse"which solved"0truefalse"which resolved"0truefalse"who solved"0truefalse112126""""15""880falsefalse127128"""ma"16"but"638truefalse"but it"0truefalse"it"0truefalse"yet"0truefalse129131"""non so"17"I do not know"617truefalse"do not know"21truefalse"not know"0truefalse"not sure"0truefalse132138"""per quanto tempo"18"for how long"541truefalse"how long"91truefalse"how long it"0truefalse"how long you"0truefalse139155"""Grande AVR in molti modi ma ha mantenuto cadere il segnale TV fino a quando ho staccato per circa 10 secondi e che ha risolto ma non so per quanto tempo"6"it"179. by jose garcia

It ' pretty much everything I wanted. I like her look elegant series of elements the audio output quality and quantity more than enough of outputs in general has. by DaW

Wow. I thought I needed new speakers too but this puppy is old big sound. How did I live without this by D. DeNoon

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