Review Sabrent Wifi Audio Receiver (Supports DLNA and AirPlay), Great Once set up....

The few days ago. I'm looking for information on the Sabrent Wifi Audio Receiver (Supports DLNA and AirPlay) for Home Stereo, so i have to tell.

Sabrent Wifi Audio Receiver (Supports

DescriptionThe Sabrent Wifi Receiver lets you wirelessly connect a iOS devices or Android devices to a stereo or stand-alone speaker. Now you can enjoy your music wirelessly. Changing you standard speakers to Wifi-enabled speakers you can easily control the content without the need for any cable connection. Play the Music of Your iPhone/iPod touch Wirelessly Through Your Home .... Read more or Check Price

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I added this to a receiver in 1970 and can now Sherwood AirPlay music from my Mac / iPhone. This is a great device to add capabilities to a stereo system Older. by shutterspeed1000

amazing device. "Once I had everything setup ( which was a bit ' of pain ) works perfectly""Una volta ho avuto tutto setup ( che era un po 'di dolore ) funziona perfettamente""""""it""Once I had"1truefalse705030"everything"2truefalse759340"setup ("3truetrue965460"which was a bit"4falsefalse9976100"'"5truetrue99810110"of pain"6falsefalse76111130")"7falsefalse90013140""8falsefalse96014150"works perfectly"9truefalse95115170"Una volta ho avuto"1"Once I had"705truefalse"Once I got"1truefalse"I once had"0truefalse018"Una volta ho avuto tutto setup ( che era un po 'di dolore ) funziona perfettamente""tutto"2"everything"759truefalse"the whole"0truefalse"all"0truefalse"whole"0truefalse"throughout"0truefalse1924"""setup ("3"setup ("965truetrue2532"""che era un po"4"which was a bit"997falsefalse"that was a bit"0falsefalse"which was a little"0falsefalse"that was a little"0falsefalse"it was a little"0falsefalse3346"""'"5"'"998truetrue4748"""di dolore"6"of pain"761falsefalse"pain"0falsefalse"of grief"0falsefalse"of sorrow"0falsefalse"in pain"0falsefalse4857""")"7")"900falsefalse5859""""8""960falsefalse6061"""funziona perfettamente"9"works perfectly"951truefalse"it works perfectly"7truefalse"works perfect"0truefalse"works flawlessly"0truefalse"working perfectly"0truefalse6284"""Una volta ho avuto tutto set-up ( che era un po 'di dolore ) funziona perfettamente"6"it"147. I installed this in my car and use a car charger 12V to power it hooking it up ... by Rob

Small device Allows your to wirelessly transmit the audio for most devices with clarity. He worked very well with iOS for my needs . by MARCELO BENEDICTO JR

Works great I use this in my car during road trips. The sound is clear and the signs are extremely easy to follow . by T. Wei

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