Miccus Mini-jack TX Bluetooth Music Transmitter, Works great. Excellent range in my opinion

The several days before. I'm looking for information on the Miccus Mini-jack TX Bluetooth Music Transmitter pair it with Headphones, so i would like to describe here.

Miccus Mini-jack TX Bluetooth Music Transmitter

The Miccus Mini-jack TX adds Bluetooth wireless capability to any Headphone jack (3.5mm). Enjoy your music without the hassle of cables and adapters. Easy to use plug it into TVs game pads CD/DVD players MP3 players laptops PCs GPS and more. The 90xB0 swiveling jack allows for easy storage portability and hard-to-reach connections. Pair with any Bluetooth compatible receiver .... Read more or Check Price

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Initially I tried to match this transmitter with a speaker Radio Shack economic. I could not make it work. by James H Maroldo

Works from afar I use in my cabin and my home and I love it although I do not understand the function TX (transmission bluetooth ) . by Carson R.

works great. excellent range. TV will broadcast the audio for headphones BT without a noticeable delay . by Kenneth Del Monte

Ordered this three months ago and I thought it 's time to post a review. Configuration is very simple from a tuner. The Miccus must be a little open but no Turner. by miami 1

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